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Airtran Reviews

AirTran Airways is a subsidiary company of AirTran Holdings. This low cost airline is designed for business travelers, offering affordable business class accommodations, convenient overhead bins, XM satellite radio, assigned seats and the A+ Rewards frequent flier program. AirTran features affordable and budget friendly fares to consumers worldwide. With excellent customer service and young all Boeing air fleets, AirTran continues to be a popular choice of the public. And according to many AirTran reviews online, the company continues to be the premier choice for individuals and travelers who are on a budget.

AirTran offers in flight internet connectivity and coast to coast service all over North America. AirTran Airways offers service to round 70 cities worldwide, mainly in the Eastern United States, the Bahamas, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Aruba. The company currently maintains around 140 Boeing airbuses. As a leading consumer airline in the Atlanta market, AirTran Airways handles the biggest share of traffic in the Atlanta International Airport. The company has already been acquired by Southwest in an AirTran Southwest merger in 2011.

AirTran Reviews

Through the years, the company has earned several mixed AirTran reviews from travelers. A lot of consumers have commended AirTran for their courteous staff and comfortable seating. The company boats seats that are 18 inches wide and 31 inches in pitch.

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AirTran currently charges for all checked luggage before boarding, but offers complimentary refreshments and beverages, WiFi on most of their flights, and XM satellite radio. If you are looking for airline tickets under 100, AirTran is one of the best places to look. And according to reviews coming from various sites, this budget airline is considered as a decent consumer airline that offers a good flying experience, with a few gripe about poor customer service and slow check in process.

AirTran Growth

AirTran currently operates from its primary office in Atlanta with secondary hubs located in Orlando, Baltimore and Milwaukee. AirTran recalls its roots from the founding of ValuJet Airlines in the year 1992. The founders of the company were considered as industry veterans, including the executive group from Southern Airways, and flight attendants, mechanics and pilots from Eastern Air Lines.

In the year 2010, AirTran opened its second base in Milwaukee. And as of November 2010, the company has already grown to serve more than 70 cities all over the U.S., in the Caribbean and in other parts of North America. According to several AirTran reviews, consumers were pretty happy with the low bag fees that they charge compared to other low cost airlines.


According to several AirTran reviews online, the cheapest fares usually happen on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. AirTran Airways operates in Philadelphia International Airport through Terminal E. Passengers can still check in and use their baggage claim in Terminal D.

AirTran continues to offer affordable, safe, and reliable air transport to leisure and business travelers. The company currently has around 3,000 dedicated employees committed to making their airline company a success and the best low cost airline in the industry today.

Travel agents are now able to arrange business class seating and affordable fares that will suit your budget. As a premier consumer airlines, the company offers online check ins to help guests save time. The site also allows passengers to choose their seat assignments in advance. Aside from the many in flight services, AirTran also offers car rentals, parking reservations, remote baggage service and so much more.

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AirTran is famous for the marketing of its new satellite radio on board with the celebrity appearance of Elton John. AirTran is a cost effective option for travelers who are looking to save on their air fares. The company offers occasional sale fares with airline tickets under 100. Make sure you go online early as these seat sales tend to get sold fast. AirTran also imposes blackout dates where consumers are unable to book promo fares (especially during the holidays). Despite of the mixed AirTran reviews online, AirTran remains to be a budget friendly airline which that provides value for your money.