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How To Get Cheap Flights

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Free Flights

While cheap tickets are something we all hope and search for, free flights are even better. Getting an airplane ticket at no cost to you may seem like nothing more than a naive dream, but it is actually possible if you know how to fly for free. Businessmen who fly often and earn frequent flyer miles, CEOs, and people who are famous often receive free tickets, but what about the rest of us? Some airlines will purposely overbook their flights, in the hopes that some passengers will not show up. When there are too many people for the seats the plane can hold, airlines offer vouchers for free tickets to those who are willing to wait. You can take advantage of this by booking on the flights that are likely to have the highest number of passengers, such as trips to tourist traps during the busy times, or business destinations at the beginning or end of the week. This is always a risk, so only do this with flights you actually want to travel on.

Free Flights For Military

Military service members and veterans, as a thank you for serving our country, are given the privilege of free flights for themselves and their family. These tickets are given when a military flight to their desired destination has open seats, and are called Space Available Flights, Space A, or military hops. Since whether you will be able to fly depends upon whether there are available seats, you may have to wait before you can board.

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Children and spouses are also welcome to fly with you, but remember that it will be less likely there will be enough open seats for all of you. If you are a military spouse, you are allowed to fly without your husband or wife, but you will be placed in the last group to board, called Category 5. What this means is, if there are military personnel waiting for the same flight, they will have priority, and you may have to wait for the next plane.

Credit Cards

Many credit cards offer a miles rewards program. The theory behind this is that the more you spend, the more mileage you will earn. When you've earned enough, you will be given free flights. Since you likely use credit cards daily or at least monthly as it is, this seems like a good deal, but be sure to read the fine print. A lot of these cards work on a point system, and it takes a lot of those points for even a one-way ticket.

Additionally, even when you have enough to cover it, you will have to pay the fees and taxes, which can easily add up to $25 or $50. Chase has offered airline deals in the past, and their current deal is with their Sapphire card. With this deal, you earn a bonus of 50,000 points just for signing up, which they claim is equal to $625 in airfare. This card also has a $95 annual fee, which is waived the first year. If you're not prepared to pay that, be sure to cancel the card before another year is up.


You probably know by now not to click on Facebook links that don't seem legitimate. Your friends could be hacked into, so always double check with them before clicking something that seems too good to be true. There was a scam last year with Southwest airlines, where Facebook posts touting free flights were abundant--and all false. A more reliable option is to visit Southwest's website and view their current promotions. Southwest has a credit card, and currently offers a free ticket (not including fees) once you make your first purchase.


In the fall of last year, there was an announcement made that, in order to boost the tourism industry, 10,000 free flights would be given to those who applied for them. Unfortunately for many hopeful travelers, the budget for this plan was not approved. In December 2011, they announced that Japan's government cannot afford this tourism boost, due to the funds that need to be put toward recovery efforts for those towns affected by the tsunami.