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This short article is all about SWAirlines. Most people who do a search for SWAirlines are merely looking for Southwest Airlines, but can't be bothered typing in the whole words. This is fine as the search engines instinctively know this and rank Southwest high in these search results. There are however, a few more associated terms with SWAirlines which you may also be looking for. I'm going to talk about these briefly on this page.

This site is all about
how to get cheap flights. We are not affiliated with ANY airlines and aim to offer users the best tips, tricks and strategies to get insanely cheap flights everyday. We've got a big database of cool tricks and are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to buy insanely cheap flights. To find out more such as the cheapest days to fly and how to fly for free, be sure to check out some of the awesome guides below.

SWAirlines As Southwest Airlines

Without doubt, the most common term for SWAirlines is used as an abbreviation for Southwest Airlines. Southwest has been operating since 1967 and is the largest airline in America carrying more passengers and operating more flights daily than any other airline.

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With it's base in Dallas, Texas, Southwest runs more than 3000 flights per day with a fleet of over 550 planes. Southwest is continually broadening it's operations base with the recent opening of Southwest Airlines Atlanta and the acquisition of Airtran, including Airtran U, as part of the Airtran Southwest takeover. Southwest are known as one of the best places to get airline tickets under 100 dollars, however, as with most cheap flights, the policy for standby flights and bereavement flights are the worst in the industry, so be sure you know what you're sacrificing when you fly low-cost.

SWAirlines on YouTube

SWAirlines has a listed account on YouTube. However, this account is not at all associated with Southwest Airlines. The profile is mostly blank containing no information about the account owner apart from the fact that the person is located in the United States and is 42 years old. The channel has had 454 views and lists a total of 16 videos (mostly non airline related amateur videos). The account was created on the 1st August 2006 and has had a total of 2000 views to all of the videos.

SWAirlines On Twitter

There is also a Twitter account with the ID SWAirlines which is also not at all associated with Southwest Airlines. The listed name is Lisa Smith. The profile is not filled out any more than this and there is no avatar or customisation on this account. SWairlines has no tweets, is following no one and has 3 followers. It looks like the account has been deserted and is inactive.

SWAirlines Hot Rod Guy

There is a 41 year old guy from Tampa, Florida listed on with the ID SWAirlines. It could be the same guy who owns the YouTube account mentioned above, but difficult to be sure. The profile here contains photos of a do-up job on a 1968 Camaro, very nice job I have to say myself actually. This dude also has an account on Photobucket with over 200+ photo and videos about cars, coins and other random stuff.